Summer League 2021

New Program for High School Players

Summer League 2021

Update 06/2021 - summer schedule

Use this link to register your team.

We've also added an option for players to register for the summer league individually at $55.00 per player. This includes a jersey/t-shirt. Visit to register.

Format:  7v7 small sided games

Coaches: A single representative must be identified for each team.  This representative will be responsible to register the team and will be the single point of contact for the team regarding scheduling, uniforms, discipline or other matters. 

This representative does not need to be the adult at each game. 

A Responsible adult (21 yrs or older) MUST be present for each game.

Registration:  The Team Roster and Waiver Form will be used to register each team.  Checks can be made out to LPYSA.  Please include team name on checks.  

  • Cost per team is $600

  • $100 Deposit to hold a team slot while players are registered.  Deposit is due by June 1st.

  • Remainder of $500 and Team Roster and Waiver Form are due June 10th.

Dates: The season will run from the week of June 21st and end no later than the first week of August.

Game Schedule: schedule depending on # of teams registered.

  • Minimum of 8 games per team

  • 25 min halves, 5 min halftime break

  • Games will be on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

  • Games may start as early as 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00

Fields:  Small sided.

Referees:  Single Referee per game.  Refs will be provided

Equipment: goals will be provided and fields will be lined

Uniforms:  Each player of a registered team will receive a performance jersey.   Cost will be incorporated into registration fees. Each jersey will have the summer league on the left side.

Each player MUST have the appropriate provided jersey to take the field.  Consider the jersey as the ticket to enter the field.  The refs will be instructed that players without the proper uniform are not eligible to play.  No exceptions.


  1. All players must be enrolled in high school for the 2021-2022 school year. 

  2. Each team must have a minimum of nine (9) players and shall be limited to a maximum of twelve (12) players on the roster except with permission of the league director.

  3. Teams using ineligible players may result in team suspensions or other disciplinary actions as deemed necessary by the League Director – including being dropped from the league without refund.

Playing Rules: 

  1. Team on the field shall consist of seven (7) players (including the goalie). Minimum number of players to start and continue a game is five (5).

  2. Start of play: the opposing team must stand a minimum of 5 yards away on their half of the field. Restarts do not have to go forward.

  3. Unlimited substitutions on a dead ball for either team. No subs “on the fly”. Substitutes must have the referee’s permission before stepping onto the field.

  4. One referee per game will be used.

  5. Games will consist of two twenty-five minute halves with a five-minute rest period between halves. The official time will be kept by the referee.

  6. Game time is start time and the clock will run as scheduled. No grace periods. A forfeit occurs after the game clock runs for fifteen (15) minutes and one or both teams are unable to field a minimum of five players.

  7. Running clock – no stoppage of game clock for any reason (including injuries).

  8. No offside.

  9. All restarts will be direct. Opposing players must remain 5 yards away.

  10. Penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty mark.

  11. For balls that travel over the sidelines, restarts will be by throw-in.

  12. Tie game remains a tie.

  13. Any team may use a rostered player(s) from another team ONLY if there will be a forfeit otherwise.

  14. NO punts or dropkicks are allowed – The ball will be placed at the midfield line and a free kick will be awarded


  1. The league provides 12 jerseys per team. Team t shirts are mandatory. Players WILL NOT be allowed on field with a similar t-shirt.

  2. Appropriate outdoor soccer cleats or shoes are required. No metal spikes.

  3. Shinguards are mandatory and must be covered. All players on the field must wear shinguards.

  4. Players without proper equipment will be sent off to correct the problem and cannot return until the referee is satisfied.

Field Management: 

  1. The league will provide nets, lined fields and scheduled referees.

  2. The first team of the day will move the goals to the correct location.  The last teams of the evening will place the goals in the proper storage location.

  3. In case of severe and advance inclement weather, coaches will be notified as early as possible by a league representative.

  4. Games cancelled due to weather, or reasons outside of the League’s control, are not subject to refunds and are not guaranteed to be rescheduled.

  5. ONLY players and coaches are allowed on the turf/field. ALL spectators must be in stands or the opposite side of the field. NO spectators are allowed on the field or the sidelines.