November 2016

LPYSA End of Year Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 15, 2016



  • Meeting called to order at 6:39 pm by President Keith Bohn at Holiday Inn Express, LaPlata, MD.


  • Division Reports


  • Recreation Division:
    • Registration numbers were down by approximately 150 kids
    • Due to registration numbers being down, especially in certain age groups, it worked well to merge with Waldorf.
  • RecPlus Division:
    • LPYSA reduce the number of RecPlus teams from 7 to 6 teams.
    • Communication between LPYSA RecPlus coaches and the LPYSA Board is key to plan for tryouts for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 year. This communication should start in early Spring.
    • Better notification of when RecPlus tryouts are occurring may help.
  • Travel:
    • LPYSA fielded two travel teams.
    • Facilities (Laurel Spring) are top 10% of all travel teams within BBSL.
    • Question was asked as to what other options does LPYSA teams have for travel other than BBSL?  BBSL starting age groups are currently U10 for boys and U11 for girls, therefore younger RecPlus teams (U9/U10) do not have an option.  


  • Treasure Report
    • Registration Revenue was down due to the number of players registered being down.
    • LPYSA continues to have the lowest Recreation soccer fee in the tri-county area.
    • Suggestion was made that LPYSA should research utilizing Team Snap website/mobile app which may reduce registration and website fees. LPYSA concurred and will research this.


  • SMYSL Meeting Report
    • New personnel in charge which seem to be more accommodating to county teams as well as eager to make improvements.  A few changes that LPYSA may look into further is doing a pre-season or post-season tournament at Laurel Springs and utilizing indoor space to use for player development sessions.


  • Player Development
    • All sessions were well attended, approximately 50-60 players at each session.
    • The U8 age group needs to have a dedicated coach.
    • LPYSA agreed that these sessions should continue to be free to families.


  • Fall Opening Day Report
    • Very Successful, great feedback from parents.
    • Continue with the balloon table, blow-up obstacle course and food/drink giveaway.
    • Possibly add a raffle as a LPYSA fundraiser
    • Possibly add a LPYSA sign that players can add their signature which will be displayed at each game during the season.


  • Social Media
    • Carrie Holt took over Facebook postings and running the website.  Carrie was able to post more frequent alerts and notifications to reach LPYSA families.
    • LPYSA looking into updating the website.


  • Fundraising
    • LPYSA will continue to do some Spirit Nights at Green Turtle, Roy Rogers etc.
    • LPYSA may do a raffle at the Fall Opening Day event.


  • Elections
    • The LPYSA position of President and Treasurer were up for nomination.  Ryan Mudd was nominated and elected as President, replacing the current President, Keith Bohn and Kim Wheeler was nominated and elected as Treasurer.


  • Future Club Improvements
    • LPYSA will continue to request lighting field #2 at Laurel Springs
    • LPYSA will continue to run Player Development Session and look at ways to improve.
    • LPYSA will research the possibility of having a pre-season or post-season tournament at Laurel Springs.


  • Closing Comments/Recommendations by Keith Bohn
    • LPYSA should continue to make the Recreation Division top priority.
    • LPYSA should continue to teach all players skill but keep the game fun.
    • Mandate that all coaches must have a F Card Certification.
    • LPYSA should continue to encourage coaches to obtain their E Card Certification.
    • LPYSA should continue to emphasize that all RecPlus and Travel tryouts be an open competition.



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