December 2017

LPYSA Board Meeting – 2017 Membership Meeting December 21, 2017


  • Meeting called to order at 6:42 by President Ryan Mudd at the Holiday Inn Express, La Plata, MD.
  • Officer Reports
    • President
      • Very few complaints this season. The complaints/issues raised were usually with Waldorf games/players.
      • Great weather  - no cancellations
      • One red card
      • Seasonal meeting with the county – scheduling issues were discussed. The previous manager left which created some confusion in the Recreation division. There are discussions about the guidelines and inconsistencies. One issue is why we report scores when there isn’t a county championship. Guidelines will be revised prior to Spring 2018 season.
      • Pro Flex Athletic Trainers – LPYSA has chosen to renew the contract with Pro Flex. They sit at Laurel Springs and assisted with 25-30 athletes this past Fall. We will remind coaches and referees that the trainers are there and can assist.
      • Sponsorships – LPYSA is currently looking to have more sponsors. The county had issues with a large banner on the fencing so we’re investigating a sign that will showcase all of the sponsors. Sponsorships will assist in the cost of capital projects – lights, dugouts, more fields.
    • Treasurer – financial report
      • Registration revenue was done in the Fall compared to the Spring – registration also reflected that change.
      • LPYSA increased the registration fee from $70 to $85 (late fee is still $15).
      • We are not making any money on Travel soccer. We may have to increase the Travel team fee to break even (fields).
    • RecPlus Division
      • Some teams complained about the distance to always drive to Chancellor’s Run on Friday evenings and the condition of the fields down there.
      • 110 players
      • Player Development Session – The spring sessions were well attended; however, the Fall ones really only had a good turnout the first one. The weather and local events affected the attendance for the last two. We will continue to have them and will include u6 players.
      • At the RecPlus meeting, Calvert did come and talked about some of the issues they had with their new program. St. Mary’s and Charles would welcome them back. The website for RecPlus will migrate to a TriCounty Club Side Website so that it is not fully affiliated with St. Mary’s County.
      • Licensing for coaches is being revamped.
    • Media
      • Facebook is being regularly updated and continues to try to feature local teams and games.
      • Picture contract with TSS – was not happy with their service the last few seasons. We have switched to MiniPros Sport Photos and the picture date is set for May 5th.
      • Fundraising – we will continue to look for fundraising events like restaurant nights. The Ledo’s night was very successful. Looking to do one with Marie’s with Spring.
  • New Business
    • Date for 2018
      • U6-U8 draft to be held on 2/26, U10-19 on 2/27
      • Practice opens week of March 12th, weather depending
      • First game opens April 7th
      • Regular season ends June 9th
    • Positions for re-election – VP, Secretary and Member at Large:
      • All re-elected – Mike Moreland, Patti Willet and Carrie Holt
  • Questions/Discussion
    • One question related to the draft. Ryan explained how we do the draft for u6 and the other age groups.

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