Wednesday, December 10th 2014

  • Meeting called to order at 6:08 PM by President Keith Bohn (KB) at Wills Park in La Plata.
  • Prior meeting minutes were unavailable due to absence of Secretary Karen Truitt.
  • Rec Season report by KB:
    • NO issues from Fall season regarding any parents, players or playing time complaints.
    • Fall 2014 player #'s:  550 Rec; 92 Rec Plus; Total 642 players
    • Spring 2014 player #'s:  557 Rec; 80 Rec Plus; Total 637 players
  • Sandy Enlow, current Webmaster and Media Specialist, has decided to retire from her post; effective 12/1/14.
  • Fall Rec. Plus report by KB:
    • 7 teams in Rec Plus for the past Fall season.
    • All were competitive and played well.
    • Rec plus is a great taste of travel with a higher level of play than Rec.
  • Fall Travel Season report by Guy Milano:
    • $100 fee per team per season is charged by LPYSA.
    • Simpson and Lukas teams are disbanding as of 1/1/15.
    • Haley and Milano are only two teams playing select with LPYSA as of 1/1/15.
  • Discussion items:
    • U8 coaches express concern for an additional goalie box.  Want it larger to protect goalie as well as rooms to execute better goal kicks.  Board listened and will discuss.
    • Question about why the league will not get involved in the Futsal league; ie. scheduling, practice and game sites.  Was discussed from a league persepective that we don't have space to offer, simple as that.  League is open to getting involved somehow.  Charles County Fairgrounds barns was suggested by Luke Newcomb as a possible site to use.  He was going to look into the location and logistics a bit more.
    • LPYSA will be offering the E licensing course in the Summer in La Plata.  All LPYSA coaches that take and complete the course will be refunded their registration fee.
  • Field status update by Ryan Mudd:
    • Field 4; U8 field, was dormant sprigged by the League.  Field will be closed for the Spring 2015 season and games will be played on the football field in the endzone closest to the park.
    • Middle third of Fields 1-3 were dormant sprigged again, which was an addition to the sprigging project from last winter.
    • Fields are progressing well from that original project.
    • Fields 1-4 were deep tine aerated and rolled again.
  • Equipment update by Mike Moreland:
    • No equipment problems this past season.
    • Mostly new equipment in circulation now.
    • Will hold an equipment return at the end of the Spring season for all coaches with distribution of Dicks Gift Cards as an incentive again.
    • No financial report due to absence of Treasurer; Paul Simpson.
  • Elections were to be held, but unable to do so due to lack of a quorum.  Keith Bohn retained as President.  Paul Simpson stepped down as Treasurer.  Kim Wheeler nominated by Mike Moreland and Seconded by Ryan Mudd.  Kim Wheeler is new Treasurer.  Patty Willett asked to serve as Recreation Advisor, which is a staff member and non voting Board Member.

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